Workshop descriptions:

The LONG and the SHORT of it
Sharpening your longform with shortform! This fluid diagnostic workshop will help you get out of your own way by identifying individually the skills you need sharpening in your longform scene work and then isolating that muscle using nothing but simple shortform and then quickly returning to longform to put it to work in your scenes. It’s an up on your feet from the start 3 hour workshop that bounces back and forth between studied scene work and fun goofball shortform games. From focus to characters, Object work to editing, I got a game for you! (12-16 students) (2-3 hours)

Your Show from the Top Down
This unique workshop focuses not just on scene work but on your show as a whole. Your show has a beginning and end so it has structure, it slows down and it speeds up so it has a tempo, it can have an emotional through line or a narrative. There are so many things to do with it other than a mixed bag of random scenes leading to a blackout. Whether you come to this workshop with your teammates or individually we will explore how to make your shows unpredictable to your audience, your teammates and YOU through variety, effective action, character choice and most importantly communication with your teammates through those choices. This ain’t your average workshop. I’ve flipped it on its head so don’t expect to be sitting down half the time, come to play hard!

Game on Motherf@*kers!!
In this workshop, we explore the game of the scene by first: breaking it down into its components of stimulus, emotional response and mechanism. Learning how each part comes together to form the pattern that is born from the scene’s own reality and will be recognized by the audience and your scene partner. Secondly: How to communicate the game to your scene partner through the mechanism while communicating the game to your audience through the negative space within the pattern, and Third: How to follow the game by knowing what side of the game to heighten, what player to tag and what player to follow. Do we still want grounded scene work? Hell yes! Do we still want strong relationships? You know it! You can have all that! Just remember – there’s no shame in game!